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What’s Covered And Not Covered Under Travel Insurance?

What's Covered And Not Covered Under Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides coverage for unexpected events that may emerge during a trip. It covers a few cases, such as trip cancellation or interruption, medical emergencies, lost or stolen luggage, and more. While budget travel insurance policies can vary in coverage and exclusions, there are some general guidelines for what’s covered and not covered under travel insurance. […]

Common Tourist Mistakes to Avoid in Your 2023 Egypt Trip


World travel gives you the opportunity to learn about new cultures, explore fun destinations and make new friends. It can be both daunting and a challenge traveling alone to unfamiliar places. So why not ease your worries by going with a co-travel enthusiast who will make your experience unforgettable? Our group travel agency has the best packages […]

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Group Trip In 2023


Group trips are believed to be one of the most enriching travel experiences when planned thoughtfully. Traveling with a group allows you to meet and connect with individuals from different cultures and make unforgettable memories. Therefore, when making travel plans, there are various things that you have to take into consideration in order to plan […]

Why Plan Corporate Group Trips In 2023?


Company trips are a great way to create a thriving culture that enhances the bond between the employees. The company’s get-together has become more crucial in the post-pandemic as now we are witnessing the rise of the hybrid working model. So, if you own a company, it would be great for your company’s growth if […]

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