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Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency

Discover the World in Style Through Luxurious Exploration

The perfect vacation can change your life. Guaranteed.

Do you yearn to venture beyond the mundane and experience the world in lavish splendor?

Do you dream of basking in the opulence of exotic destinations that only the elite can access?

Enter Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency, a premier travel service provider that offers group travel, tailor-made trips, all-inclusive trips, cruises, retreats,  and travel insurance designed by a high-level travel agents that caters to your unique travel preferences.

Led by Tilwanda Melvin-Dofat, President of the agency,

Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency has been in business for over 10 years in business. The owner and CEO of Majestic MIllionaires has been in business for over 30 years.

Tilwanda’ s entrepreneurial success has allowed her to travel to over 75 countries and take on the finest adventures life has to offer. Her passion for travel has led her to create a travel agency that caters to those who seek a high-end, unforgettable experience.

From the moment you contact Majestic Millionaires, you’ll feel the difference.

Highly qualified travel agents create customized travel itineraries based on your preferences, including flights, hotels, excursions, insurance, and more. No matter where you want to go, the agency can craft an all-inclusive trip that perfectly suits your needs.

What sets Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency apart from the rest…?

Easy, the unmatched level of attention to detail and personalization that goes into each trip. Every itinerary is built from the ground up for each individual client, ensuring that every aspect of the trip is tailored to their specific preferences.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate romantic getaway or an all-inclusive family adventure, Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency will exceed your expectations and revitalize you for the many adventures to come.

Where Did This All Begin?

Tilwanda Melvin-Dofat, a prominent figure in the business world, has made a significant impact on the industry. With decades of experience and an impressive business portfolio, she has made her mark in various fields.

Tilwanda’ s journey as an entrepreneur began with her presidency at Everlasting Memories, a balloon, flower, and gift shop in Baltimore, Maryland. After eight successful years, she decided to sell the business and venture into new territory.

She founded Too Perfection Janitorial Services, which quickly rose to become the best janitorial company in Baltimore, as recognized by the Baltimore Magazine.

In 2010, Tilwanda retired after running two successful businesses for 27 years. Her business acumen and hard work allowed her to travel the world and experience the finest things in life.

Traveling became a passion of hers, and Tilwanda planned trips for her family and friends. She is married to her incredible husband Mark Dofat. Together, they share 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren.

During Tilwanda’ s travels, her favorite vacation locations include Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, Israel, Rio de Janeiro, and Italy. With this love for travel, she finally saw the need to share her experiences with others and founded Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency.

A Tantalizing Taste For Travel

Majestic Millionaires offers a wide range of getaways to suit every personality. From luxurious cruises to exotic beach resorts, the agency’s portfolio of destinations is truly unmatched.

Explore the vibrant culture of Asia, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Africa, or relax on the sun-drenched beaches of the Caribbean. Yes, you can have all of that and so much more when you trust the travel agents at Majestic Millionaires to plan your all-inclusive trip.

The agency’s attention to detail extends to extravagant accommodations, as well. Whether you prefer a luxurious five-star hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast, the agency will find the perfect place for you to rest your head at night.

GREECE 2025majesticmillionaires

Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency works with the best hotels and resorts around the world to ensure every client’s stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

But the real magic of Majestic Millionaires lies under the surface. From private tours of historical landmarks to exclusive culinary experiences, the agency’s expert travel planners will design an unforgettable trip packed full of long-lasting memories!

Embrace The Elite Circle Of Majestic Millionaires

Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency is the epitome of high-end travel. With a team of high-level travel agents dedicated to ensuring you have the trip of a lifetime; you cannot go wrong.

From luxury stays to personalized excursions, enjoy the bespoke vacation of your dreams.

Our travel agents are highly knowledgeable about the world’s most exquisite destinations and are always up-to-date on the latest travel trends. They are skilled in navigating the ever-changing landscape of the travel industry, ensuring you have access to the most exclusive deals.

With Majestic Millionaires, unparalleled customer service is a given. The 24-hour emergency system protects and supports travelers while en route to and on their vacation. Travel is not just about visiting new places, but about enriching your life and creating unforgettable memories.

Seriously, what is holding you back? You deserve an out-of-this-world getaway!

Stop settling for ordinary travel experiences – embrace the extraordinary with Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency.



A Personal Touch

From the time of initial contact until the time you are safely home again we are here to assist you. Your personal travel consultant will be introduced to you by name and photo. We make it our business to greet our clients personally to go over every little detail of your trip. We take pride in making your travel experience worry-free.

Global Expertise

It is vital that we provide a memorable and authentic experience when you book with Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency. You expect more and we give you more with a staff that has expert knowledge in the travel industry. As a plus to our clients you can rest assured that your accommodations will be 4-stars or above. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

Majestic Millionaires has created unforgettable travel experiences for thousands of clients from all over the world. Our staff members have extensive and first-hand knowledge of the world and are passionate about what they do. Whatever destinations you have in mind we are here to guide you from start to finish.

Save Time and Effort

Organizing your own travel can be a stressful task. Why not just let us do the work for you? By choosing Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency, you can save time and all of the hassle by booking your travel services using our robust search engine or directly with one of our expert travel agents.

Tailor Made Tours

Travel packages are always designed to your personal specifications from start to finish. We want to make your trip worry-free. All of our experienced travel agents have the resources on hand to make your dream vacation a reality. So why not contact us so we can discuss your next tailor-made amazing getaway.

You’re in Good Hands

Wherever your journey takes you, help is never out of reach. There will always be a staff member available 24/7 to handle any unforeseen situations. We do our best to respond to your emails, phone calls and/or voicemails promptly to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency is a fully licensed and insured travel agency. We are approved by Amadeus, MBE, SBA, ARC, CLIA and IATAN. As members of various travel industry associations, we are required to maintain high levels of standards and practices. If you should need a first-hand account of how we operate, we can provide references.

Wellness Weekend


During the Pandemic, most women were shut in and isolated from their families or with their families. Women were working from home. Women were managing new responsibilities like homeschooling and navigating new schedules. Women were trying to balance their health, wellness, and fun while keeping their mental health in good health. After two years of isolation, most people would need a quick getaway to be normal again, so Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency and Guru Fitness Trainer Rosaline Law created the Women’s Wellness getaway to Chesapeake, Virginia. We started with a pajama party, enjoyed morning meditation on the beach, shopping, and spa services. This getaway was full of things to do. The ladies learned how to make essential oils and the importance of essential oils. We had two guest speakers come and discuss growing healthy hair and ways to stay in good health during a pandemic. We ended the weekend with a barbeque, music, and dancing. Just what the doctor ordered to unwind, relax and reenter life.

Hawaii Women's Retreat


Traveling to Hawaii was a dream come true for many women when Majestic Millionaires Travel Agency decided to host our annual Women’s Retreat on the island. Can you imagine 100 women on an airplane headed to Hawaii? The entire trip was full of excitement from the minute we all boarded the flight. The tours, excursions, and guest speakers were what the ladies needed to unwind, relax, and enjoy this experience. Learning about the island, its culture, and the volcanos were so educational and excited. From start to end, this was an exceptional experience.

Our Visit To South Africa

Cape Town

Going back to the motherland was a dream come true for us all. The minute we boarded the flight and the flight doors shut; reality started to set in that we were really on our way to South Africa. We anticipated having a great time and a wonderful experience, but we did not imagine the entire experience would change our lives forever. Cape Town was phenomenal. We toured Cape Point to see the Penguins. We went to the famous Table Mountain and enjoyed a safari where live lions were almost arm’s length. Topping this trip off was the tour to Robben Island retracing the footsteps behind Nelson Mandela. We ended our experience with a hop to Johannesburg. The excursions to Soweto are a must if you ever visit.

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