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$199.00 per year includes 12 months.

Our Membership Includes:

1. One free domestic or international Travel Box valued at $129.00.

2. Unlimited travel and flight searches.

3. Receive a 3% discount on all vacation packages booked by Majestic Millionaires.

4. Receive one custom made t-shirt. 

5. Receive 3% off of all cruises booked by Majestic Millionaires.

6. Receive free Passport Application assistance. 

7. One free t-shirt design for groups over 20

8. Receive 15% off of any catered event.

9. Receive 3% off of all majestic Millionaires (in-house) group trips.

10. 3% discount on all gift certificates at Majestic Millionaires. 

11. One free flight insurance purchase on a flight that Majestic Millionaires Booked. 

12. One free mid grade travel insurance policy on a vacation package that Majestic Millionaires Booked. 

13. Advance notice on upcoming  trips and events before advertising to the public.

14. Cruise ship arrival gift if you booked your cruise with Majestic Millionaires.

15. 50% off on the second membership  purchased  at the same time.

16. On-line check in services for flights and cruises.