Retreat 2019

What a phenomenal event. No stone was left unturned. Well planned and well organized. The location was 5+ stars very beautiful and comfortable. The food was scrumptious and never ran our again well planned.... we didn't want for a thing. The activities were classy and fun and inspirational. Great speakers and great recognitions to all. Very professionally first sip and paint and all I can say is who can sing dance sip and create such pretty art work. Great instructors for such a large group. So much Fun FUN FUN it was. I just don't have enough room here to acknowledge how marvelous and spectacular and fun and spiritually bonding.  Just an A++++ event. Thanks to Tilwanda and her Ambassadors.  You guys Rock
Oh the drinks kept flowing. Alcoholic and non alcoholic..Sweet....


Charlene King


Retreat 2019

Amazing retreat in Isle of Palms, SC. Everything was amazing and planned out to the letter. Well organized and met some amazing women. I was just blown away with the entire retreat. Majestic Millionaires is amazing.

CEO - Yunik One

Ashley Brown


Retreat 2019

Excellent location.  Very nice home

Certified Health Coach /Clinical Herbalist

Rosaline Law


Retreat - I totally enjoyed this retreat because it was filled with good interactions.  It provided spiritual encouragement, good company, relaxation, quality time with like-minded individuals, not to mention the lifetime memories made with love ones.
I recommend Majestic Millionaires for all your travel need.  Tilwanda is a professional woman of God with a passion for people.  I love the people I connected with and consider them to be extended family.


Deborah Dent


Vacation- In 27 years of employment I had never taken a real VACATE(-ion). STAYcations yes, but never a vacation... I wanted to do it big but had no idea where to begin. Then, I saw a Group Travel opportunity with Majestic Millionaires to Cancun, Mexico and decided to sign up. All I had to do was make my payments and show up packed and ready. This trip was exactly what I hoped it would be. 5 Star, all inclusive... a true relaxation haven! The resort was beautiful and the staff treated me beautifully. The excursions were top rate and well worth it! There's nothing better than going someplace and feeling like "yes, I belong here -- this is all for me!" Majestic Millionaires did a fantastic job with putting this trip together, communicating responsibilities, and delivering top notch service! MM did so well that I've been traveling with them ever since. They always exceed my expectations!

Military Specialist

Lisa Dent


The Women’s Retreats are Everything to me!  I have been two years in a row 2018 and 2019 and I will be returning in 2021 for the Hawaii Retreat! I have worked in the same building with the same familiar faces for 6 years and I barely know a handful of Names. As soon as I walk into the Retreats I make instant Friendships with every Woman in the room, real connections to Ladies from all over the United States.  You just can’t find that everywhere! These Retreats make a Huge Impact in My Life.



Multi Trips - I have traveled with Tilwanda to California, Florida and North Carolina. The first trip to California was also the first time I met Tilwanda in person, it was the most Amazing experience to meet someone with such an openness in her heart to invite me to stay with her and her family at her parents house. 


Being around Tilwanda and Majestic Millionaires has given me the Travel Bug! I went to the 1st Women’s Retreat in North Carolina and I am returning to this years retreat in South Carolina because these Events are Absolutely Incredible.. it’s an experience you have to have for yourself to understand. I am also already signed up for 2021 Women’s Retreat in way am I missing this one!!


I have also scheduled a Family Vacation last year to Seattle through Majestic Millionaires with Tilwanda and She hooked us up with Two Level Suite, City Passes, Boat Tour and Much More! 


The Best is yet to come.. as I am getting on the plane in just a few hours with Two of my Daughters and we’re headed to Disneyland ❤️ I called Tilwanda to tell her what I wanted in this trip and It took no time at all.. including surprising my Girls with Custom T-shirts that say “Look who’s going to Disneyland” and their name on each one.   

State Employee

Debra Jones


CEO - Michelle's World Travel

2019 RetreatI had a great time with all the ladies. Can’t wait for the next retreat.

Michelle Washington


Finance Manager


The 2019 Retreat was very relaxing and I really enjoyed myself.

Rhonda Bradshaw


Business Owner

2019 Retreat I had one relaxing and wonderful time with some beautiful ladies. Everything was planned and laid out all we had to do was relax !

Shaneki Bell

patricia G.jpg

Cape Town, SA - Ms. Dofat is the best travel agent I've ever had the pleasure to handle my family vacations.  She is beyond a doubt the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and thorough agent I've worked with.  I would definitely refer her to all my friends and family.  She gets an A-plus!


Patricia Gibson


Retreat 2019

The retreat was awesome. Food, fun, family and friends. Opportunity to meet new people, find a quiet place to relax and activities from Sun up til evening with no pressure to attend. What are you waiting for? Come join us on a future retreat or trip. Up next for me, cruising.....😀

Custom Event - I was there as MM was crowned at an event in Richmond, Virginia. This event was filled with great food, opportunities to connect with family, gain new friendships, and have genuine fun. My favorite activity by far was the horse and carriage outing!!!! Simply amazing

Custom Products -My order was turned around and shipped fast! Great customer service.

Head of Sales - Non Profit

Darlene Griffin


South Africa- What can I say about our trip to South Africa. Can I say first class it was amazing, breath taking out of this world. This was our first time traveling internationally for myself and my husband. We enjoyed evey minute of our trip from the flight, accommodation ,excursions food and meeting new friends. We will never forget this trip and looking forward to the next adventure. Thanks for making our dreams come true as a world traveler.

VP Banking

La'Shelle Brown


This Retreat in 2019 came at just the right time for me. For a while before attending, I was feeling unbalanced, overwhelmed, and had a feeling of not being enough. I was able to be surrounded by some beautiful and wonderful women who did not pry about what was wrong. I was just able to relax and free my mind, body, and spirit of the things that I had been dealing with. It was a time that I was able to focus on just me.


Retreat 2018- The Mother's Day Retreat  was one of the best investments that I made. Not only was I able to put my business in front of some wonderful ladies, but I left that retreat with my heart filled. I went to the retreat knowing only one person. I left with a lot of new friends. I was in the room with a lot of beautiful women who were pouring genuine love and support into one another. I left the retreat a new woman.

Business Owner

Betty Irving


Retreat- Thee experience can not be put into words! I left motivated, fired up and ready to dig deeper within myself to gather my happiness and business ideas. The women are remarkable and Tilwanda is an overall selfless loving person who does whatever it takes to get you to the next level!!

CEO - Try Me

Latrice Hayes


The best women’s retreat 2019. Everything was on point. Great motivational speakers. Great activities on a daily. Fantastic food. The give away prizes were fantastic. So happy to see old faces from the last retreat and to have been blessed with meeting more new friends.


Multiple Trips - Tilwanda is the very best agent to plan a vacation. On a scale of 1 to 10 I can truly say she rates a 10. She is the best agent I have had the privilege to work with. I would recommend Tilwanda to family and friends. I have been on cruises she has planned. I have been to the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana been on a cruise out of Long Beach California all planed by Tilwanda. Each trip was packed  numerous activities. Actually need a vacation when you return. My trip to N. Carolina last year for the Mother’s Day was mind blowing. One thing to keep in mind is all trip can be on a payment plan. Any event you attend you will never leave with a empty vessel you mind and heart will be full. You will met new friends for life and Tilwanda has the best guest speakers and vendors onboard.


Brenda Melvin



Majestic Millionaires made my 1st trip to Jamaica phenomenal. Tilwanda made sure I didn’t have to do a thing. Tilwanda even got me some of my money back after I missed my flight, also an up grade for my room. Majestic Millionaires truly care about what you want.

State Employee

Amy Williams


Retreat- Our retreat was absolutely amazing! Well put together with awesome speakers and fun times with family and meeting new friends. I can’t wait to join an event soon


Daeneille  Wells


Awesome, Amazing, Astounding trip to South Africa.  The cost was very reasonable and we could pay in installments which made it very manageable. From the hotel suite to the remarkable tours..we were treated like Kings and Queens.  Excited about our next trip with Majestic Millionaire's.

Business owners

Alice and Rob Williams

mary minor.jpg


Catering Services!

There are absolutely no words that can accurately describe this awesome company. The professional services were beyond my wildest dreams. They cooked, served, and cleaned everything. On a scale of 1-10 they are off the scale. This was my 75th birthday celebration and they truly delivered!!!

Mary Minor


Mary Minor



My husband and I had a fabulous time on our recent cruise to the Bahamas.  We were able to relax and enjoy our time together.  Thanks again, for listening to me and taking everything that I shared with you into account and planning our vacation.  A heartfelt ‘thanks’ to you and your team for making our dream come true!

Kim Awkard-Tobias